Congratulations to our PAVA Recognized Vocologists (as of 5/7/24). 

Aramat Arnheim-Sharon (Canadian and Eastern Hemisphere, Israel)

Elizabeth Ann Benson (Eastern, USA)

Kenneth Bozeman (Central, USA)

Zachary Bradford (Canadian and Eastern Hemisphere, Australia)

Amanda Brunk (Canadian and Eastern Hemisphere, Canada)

Troy Castle (Central, USA)

André Chiang (Western, USA)

Kathryn Cunningham (Eastern, USA)

Anna Diemer (Eastern, USA)

Megan Durham (Central, USA)

Christine Estes (Eastern, USA)

Amanda Flynn (Eastern, USA)

Marina Gilman (Eastern, USA)

Rachel Goldenberg (Eastern, USA)

Sarah Gromko (Eastern, USA)

Aaron Johnson (Eastern, USA)

Liz Johnson (Central, USA)

Carol Krusemark (Eastern, USA)

Victoria Lambourn (Canadian and Eastern Hemisphere, Australia)

Adam Lloyd (Eastern, USA)

Brandon Marcus (Eastern, USA)

Diana Orbelo (Central, USA)

Zipporah Peddle (Eastern, USA)

Brittney Redler (Eastern, USA)

Edward Reisert (Eastern, USA)

Adam Roberts (Central, USA)

Marci Rosenberg (Central, USA)

Mike Ruckles (Eastern, USA)

Mary Sandage (Eastern, USA)

Tammy Scheffer (Eastern, USA)

Jeremy Sortore (Central, USA)

Martin Spencer (Central, USA)

Taylor Strande (Canadian and Eastern Hemisphere, Canada)

Marita Stryker (Central, USA)

Melanie Tapson (Canadian and Eastern Hemisphere, Canada)

Ingo Titze (Western, USA)

Katherine Verdolini Abbott (Eastern, USA)

Rebeca Viales Montero (Latin America, Costa Rica)

Jenevora Williams (Canadian and Eastern Hemisphere, United Kingdom)

Kevin Wilson (Eastern, USA)

Ana Flavia Zuim (Eastern, USA)

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