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  • Chronic Pain and Voice Disorders; the Brain Learns Pain - Christina Kang CCC SLP

Chronic Pain and Voice Disorders; the Brain Learns Pain - Christina Kang CCC SLP

  • 18 Jan 2022
  • 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (EST)


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Chronic Pain and Voice Disorders; the Brain Learns Pain

Christina Kang CCC SLP

Moderated by Reena Gupta MD and Nandhu Radhakrishnan

January 18, 2022 - 8:00pm EST

About the Webinar

With prevalence increasing among adults aged 65 and over, chronic pain is the most common reason adults seek medical care, associated with decreased quality of life, opioid dependence, and poor mental health. Otolaryngologists and Speech-Language Pathologists specializing in voice, airway, swallowing disorders have anecdotally observed a high prevalence of chronic pain syndromes in patients with laryngeal disorders. A retrospective study by Piersiala K et al. concluded that patients with chronic pain syndrome are more likely to have a functional voice disorder. Participants in this session will gain insights into how the brain learns pain, and strategies being taught to patients in pain rehabilitation programs across the country that can supplement Speech-Pathology treatment of this patient population.

About the Presenter

Christina H. Kang, is a Medical Speech-Language Pathologist, Singing Voice Specialist, vocal pedagogue, and a Mezzo-Soprano. She completed a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Connecticut, and Master of Science degree in Communication Science and Disorders from MGH Institute of Health Professions. She received specialty training in voice pathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center and the University of Kentucky Clinical Voice Center.

In 2012, Christina co-founded the Mayo Clinic Arizona’s state-of-the-art Multidisciplinary Voice Program. She served as a lecturer of Vocal Pedagogy at Arizona State University. 

Christina lectures internationally on voice and swallowing disorders. Her seminal work on muscle tension dysphagia and the published recommendations for treating this disorder are now widely adopted. She has a strong interest in chronic pain and functional laryngeal disorders, and has undergone extensive training in Pain Rehabilitation of Central Sensitization Syndrome.

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