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PAVA application procedures vary with the level of membership. For all levels of membership, fill out the online form. Submit any requested supplemental materials together in one email to The subject line of the email must contain your last name followed by “PAVA Supplemental Materials.” Example: “Smith PAVA Supplemental Materials.” Your application cannot be fully processed until all supplemental materials have been received.

Annual membership dues cover from January 1 to December 31. If application approval for a new member occurs after February 1, the fees will be prorated monthly. 

If you have questions, please contact us.


FULL VOTING MEMBERS ($100/year, prorated monthly for new members after February 1):

Members with voting privileges and eligibility to serve as board members or officers of PAVA.  

  • Online Application
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Evidence of pedagogical, clinical, or research competence (e.g., documentation of published articles or funded grants; certification of clinical competency [licensure in speech pathology, or board certification in otolaryngology]; certification of completion of a fellowship or specialized training in voice; diplomas from academic institutions; additional letters of support from peers in your field)
  • Two Recommendation Letters
      • One recommendation letter from a current PAVA member* and two recommendation letters from professional colleagues familiar with your work and collegiality.
*If you do not know any PAVA members, please contact the director of membership. The regional governor of your area will contact you to schedule a phone or Zoom meeting and will provide a recommendation to the director of membership (in addition to two recommendation letters from professional colleagues).

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ($50/year; prorated monthly for new members after February 1):

Members in allied fields with an interest in voice.

      • Online Application
      • A brief summary of credentials, including current position, past positions, academic study, and any specialty training in voice.

STUDENT MEMBERS* ($25/year; prorated monthly for new members after February 1):

Members currently enrolled in an educational program.

      • Online Application
      • Documentation of enrollment in educational program (e.g., transcripts, letter from university registrar or current professor/trainer)
*Student membership is limited to a five year term with the possibility of one subsequent five year term. Student members can request reclassification to a higher level of membership upon the completion of training/education/fellowship and submitting any additional supplemental materials.

If you are not sure which level is appropriate for you, please contact us.

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